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Inger Kristine will be needing several treatments, time will show how many but typically the cost of treatments will get close to NOK 1million or USD 128 000. Large resources will be needed quickly as Inger's time is about to run out and she needs to start treatment as soon as possible.

Inger Kristine remains positive and is in good spirit. At the moment the resources will be needed on a continous bases.

Inger Kristine was given introductory chemotherapy to see how her body responded.

After three months of treatment with positive effects, her cancer was in remission. Dear friends, family, acquaintances and everyone reading this.Help us help our beloved Inger Kristine Borghov battle for her life, to fight cancer.Donation option will be closed on this site when no more donations are needed. Hjelp oss, slik at vi kan hjelpe Inger Kristine Borghov til å bli frisk. Hun ble nylig gift med hennes mann, Eivind, og mor til deres to små gutter Eliaz (3) og Mio (5).Ikke minst, kjøpe henne mer tid sammen med hennes to små gutter slik at hun kan se dem vokse opp. Livet til vår kjære Inger Kristine og hennes familie ble nylig snudd opp ned. mai 2017 fikk de den utenkelige beskjeden om at hun har kreft. Inger Kristine har gått mot alle odds.(Inger Kristine og Eivind giftet seg på sykehuset 18.

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